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Farm Sink Materials- Pros and Cons

Okay, we all know farm sinks or “apron front” sinks have been on the rise for a few years now. But, with so many options on the market for sinks it is hard to know which type to choose. Stainless porcelain, granite, fireclay, soapstone.. the list goes on. Here at Home Edit we know how hard it can be to pick out that farm sink you have been dreaming of so we have compiled a pros and cons list for the materials we are seeing on the market and included a few of our favorite styles as well!

Stainless Steel Farm Sinks

In the world of sinks, stainless steel is king. Stainless steel sinks are durable, stain proof, and affordable. Many of our customers will opt for a stainless steel sink and while they can look a bit industrial there are some new stainless steel finishes that can make your sink a beautiful statement piece without the back of house vibe. Stainless steel sinks are also typically lighter weight than alternative options like cast iron and granite composite, this potentially means lower installation charges as they may not require extra support to be built below them.

Black Stainless Steel

This sink is gorgeous, elegant, sophisticated and timeless! With moody colors on the rise, black stainless steel is a great addition to dark toned cabinetry and brushed metal hardware or mix light and dark for contrast.

Hammered Stainless Steel

Glamorous! We love this hammered polished stainless steel farmer for a few reasons, for one look at it! So shiny, so glam.. we know this look isn’t for everyone but in the right kitchen it would be stunning! Second, this sink really looks one of a kind, the texture adds so much character and you can forget about ever seeing scratches! (Another downside to a typical stainless sink.)

GOLD Stainless Steel?!

This gold stainless farm sink is a bold choice! Pair it with a beautiful stone such as Silestone’s Calacatta Gold Quartz and gold finishes or incorporate it into a darker kitchen with matte and high sheen black finished.

Granite Composite Farm Sinks

Granite composite sinks are another very popular choice for farm sinks. They are extremely durable and come in a variety of colors that will pair with anything. Blanco Silgranite sinks are a leader in the industry and boast that their sinks are easy to clean, scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant and more hygienic because of their non-porous surface. Sounds like a winner to us! Because of their basically indestructible nature they are more pricey, but worth the investment.

Porcelain Farm Sinks

User beware, white porcelain farm sinks are beautiful and has a “vintage” feel, but delicate! They will more than likely chip and stain if the user is not careful. If you are looking for that farm house look without the maintenance we would recommend you opt for a stainless steel or a granite composite as mentioned above. However, if you love the porcelain and don’t mind the extra care, go for a model that offers a sink grid, this will protect your dishes from breakage and chipping as well as the sink! Another factor to consider is that porcelain is usually coated over a cast iron sink form, this makes them extremely heavy.

Copper Farmers

Copper farm sinks are stunning and unique. They are elegant and versatile enough to be used in traditional or modern design. However, if you’re thinking of choosing a copper farm sink there are a few things you should consider. It’s copper, which means just like that genuine leather sofa, it will patina and change color over time. This characteristic can be something to appreciate but, if you want a sink that stays shiny and new, opt for another material. Acidic foods can also tarnish the finish on these sinks, so you’ll want to be sure to keep the sink free of dishes and frequently give them a soft wash with gentle soaps. Overall, we love the copper farm sinks, they are usually hand crafted and on the pricier side, but worth the money if you are looking for a truly unique sink.

Concrete Farm Sinks

This one is a tough one. We love the look of these sinks, they are natural and earthy. This can make for a beautiful mix of nature and utility in a design. However, concrete is extremely absorbent, more so than any previously mentioned material and requires frequent sealing to maintain its beauty without staining. We would recommend using a concrete farmer in a mudroom or bathroom over your main sink in a kitchen. Concrete can also come in many colors as concrete can be tinted and they are available in almost any shape and chips can also be repaired, which is a plus.

Native Trails Farm Sink

Retrofit Stainless Steel Farm Sinks

These sinks are perfect for someone who wants a farm sink without remodeling the whole kitchen to get one. These models fit over the face frame of a traditional sink base. While you may have to have a stone fabricator modify your existing stone or cut into existing laminate the overall cost to install a retrofit farmer is much lower than replacing your sink base cabinet and stone.

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