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All About Cottagecore.

Cottagecore has been on the rise lately and it’s no wonder why. With all this time we have been spending in our own homes a lot of us want to get back to nature. Cottagecore is a whimsical mix of florals, light colors, over abundant plant life, and fresh open windows that leaves us feeling more connected to nature. It’s romantic utilitarian vibes are a welcomed comfort after the harsh year or so we’ve been having. (Photo above:

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is like farmhouse met bohemian met old world and had a love child and we are all about it. It’s the raw materials and light colors from the farmhouse aesthetic mixed with the that natural “comfortable clutter” feel of bohemian decor sprinkled with the handmade sustainability of old world design that stirs up feelings of comfort and nostalgia.

True Cottagecore

Cottagecore design has an old world feel with layers of woods, ceramics, exposed brick, warm whites and neutral patterns. When all these textures are layered correctly it adds depth and life to the space. The kitchen above features inset cabinetry with painted 5 piece shaker doors revealing the joinery on the door, an ode to the handmade feel of Cottagecore. Butcher block ads warmth and sustainability to the design and complements the rustic wood island. Its the appreciation for the craftsmanship we see here that we love about this design.

Modern Cottagecore

Good news, if your not ready to dive head first into the Cottagecore style, you can opt for a more modern take on the look. Modern Cottagecore has all the charm with a more simplistic approach. Black and white creates more contrast as apposed to the mixed warmer colors in true Cottagecore style. Opt for mixing textures, greenery, and layering accessories but keep it clean and simple with straight lines and stark visual contrast. If you REALLY can’t let go of the farmhouse feel, go ahead and leave some of that typography in your design as well.. for now.

Industrial Cottagecore

Yes, it seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but for some reason Industrial Cottagecore just works. We love the mixed metal light fixtures in this kitchen that compliment the warm wood tones and brushed hardware. Raw wood shelving supported by cast iron brackets add to the industrial cottage mix and allow for some interesting layering without being overwhelming. The glossy double porcelain farm sinks, marble countertops, and subway tile contrast perfectly with the dramatic exposed beams above and dark stained island.

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