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10 Kitchen Accessory Must Haves

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Cabinet accessories have come a long way. There is an organizer for just about anything that you can want in your kitchen. While it definitely depends on you and what you need for your space to function at its best, we have compiled a list of the inserts we see as MUST HAVES for an organized functional kitchen.

Tray Divider Storage

The days of throwing your cooking sheets, muffin pans, and baking trays in that drawer below your oven are over! Tray divider cabinets deserve a spot on this list for the simple fact you can access your cooking sheets without bending down and shuffling through very noisy stacked metal pans! Not to mention you can pull this baby our in front of your guests and show off your hand selected collection of wooden charcuterie boards, that alone is enough for us.

Pan and Lid Pull Out Storage

Pan and Lid pull out storage is a must have! Pots and pans are another item that we seem to constantly be shuffling through and stacking and re-stacking. This pull out storage shelf makes it easy to keep the lids and the pots separate for easy storage and access.

Pull Down/Pull Out Cabinets Above the Fridge

We love these pull down/out cabinet solutions for harder to access cabinets like the one above the fridge. This is a great solution for stashing those appliances you barely ever use and easily pull them out when needed. I think we have all skipped making that smoothie because the blinder is in Narnia, am I right?

Food Container Storage

Doesn’t this level of organization just make your heart so happy!? We have all struggled with organizing our storage containers, keeping the lids together with the right size container and so on. Well not anymore! This pullout makes storing your food containers “easy peasy”. Which is really nice, especially if you often prepare to-go meals like lunches and meal prep.

Under Sink Roll Outs

Gotta have! All that waisted space below your sink base cabinet can now be utilized to the max! These pull outs make it much easier to access your cleaning products or whatever else you may store under your sink!

Utensil Pull Out Storage

Utensil storage pull outs are fantastic! Hide all your cooking necessities away and have easy access to all the things you need right beside your cooking surface! We love to incorporate these units to the right and left of your range for a symmetrical looking design and optimum functionality.

Knife Block or Knife Drawer

Knife organization is a must have, especially if you are a full time cook or host. These organizers not only keep your knifes separated and increase the longevity of your cutlery! They also increase safety in your kitchen by minimizing the chance of little hands accessing them.

Stand Mixer Pullouts

If you have a stand mixer you understand the frustration of trying to store it! Mixers are bulky necessity and take up a lot of counter space, so storing them in a lower cabinet with a lift is ideal! Put this insert into a base cabinet near your prep area for easy access.

Spice Container Storage

These are an absolute must have! Everyone has spices and what better way to access them than to have them organized in a tilted tray that fits into your drawers or a full pull out with multiple shelves. These spice rack storage options can help you stay organized and hide those messy containers.

Cutting Board and Trash Pullout Combo

Number one must have pullout in our book! Hide those unsightly trash and recycling bins and prep right over the waste basket with these two in one trash and cutting board pullouts. This pull out is convenient and makes prepping a breeze! Most models also have a removable butcher block cutting board that can be taken out for easy sanitizing.

What are you favorite kitchen accessories? Let us know if we missed any must haves on our list!

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