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Double Stacked Cabinets, Things to Consider

Image from Home Bunch Interior Design

There is no doubt that stacked cabinets are beautiful. The design above has stunning beautiful beaded inset shaker cabinetry with a double stacked cabinet to the ceiling with crown molding. We love the look, but there are some things you need to consider before designing a kitchen with stacked cabinets.

Ceiling Height

One of the main reasons we see stacked cabinets in kitchen designs is that the ceiling in the space is 9+ feet high or even vaulted. In spaces with higher ceilings the kitchen can seem to shrink in the space. If you have high ceilings and are looking to create the feeling that the kitchen “fits” and feels large and proportionate, stacking your cabinets is a great way to achieve this. When cabinets are hung below the ceiling they actually make the walls appear shorter.

If your ceilings are still too high to install the cabinets to it with no gap that’s okay. Installing stacked cabinets below the ceiling line is still beautiful and creates a unique look that draws the eye up and makes the space feel grand.


Stacked cabinets usually require that you purchase your cabinetry through a full custom cabinetry manufacturer. More affordable “stock” cabinetry lines typically do not offer the modifications necessary to complete a design with a stack. Because full custom lines literally build the cabinets in your design to order they are much more expensive. Other factors to consider may be design fees from your kitchen designer and higher installation charges as designing in this style requires more attention to detail and installation can be extensive.

Extra Storage Space

While they may be more expensive, they are absolutely worth it in regards to storage. All that space above your cabinets is more than likely being waisted and collecting dust. Tuck away your less frequently used kitchen gadgets and make more room in the main cabinets for your everyday dishware. We also see designs with glass in the top cabinets and interior cabinet lighting for displaying your more decorative items.

They Are Hard To Access

Obviously, the stacked cabinets are going to hang much higher than most home owners will be able to reach. You may need to come up with some creative ways to access them in your kitchen like hiding a step ladder near by or incorporating a sliding ladder like the one in the design below.

In conclusion, I love the look of stacked cabinetry. If it’s within your budget and fits your space we highly recommend incorporating this unique touch into your new kitchen.

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