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Neutral Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

After the last couple of years, I think everyone can agree we all need a little rest and relaxation. At least that’s how I was feeling after the holidays this year. So, I got to work and envisioned this calming bedroom where I can relax and well, write more blogs. lol- This is my neutral bedroom on a budget with raw woods, subtle patterns, and layered textures. I hope this inspired you to create your own space for relaxing and unwinding.

Fresh Paint-Sherwin Williams Ethereal White-Calming as Heck-

The paint was the first thing that I chose and I am so glad I did because it made the other fabrics that much easier to select. I opted for Sherwin Williams Ethereal White.($40) The subtle blue/ green tones are uplifting in the morning with the bright rising sun and as the sun sets and golden light fills the room it transforms into a calming grey. Totally recommend!

Ladder-Super Budget Friendly Pillow Storage

I absolutely love this little corner! The ladder (that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $30) makes a great storage option for throw pillows! We do not have enough room for a trunk or a bench in our room so this was the best solution. Just zig-zag your pillows in between the rungs and of course, it’s also great for hanging blankets.

Layered Pillows and Blankets in Neutral Tones

Does anybody else get in trouble constantly for buying throw pillows for every soft surface in their home or is that just me? I know I am not alone on this one. I just can’t resist the fluffies! These throw pillows are from Home Goods and Home Sense and all together cost me about $60.

Natural Pine Wreaths and Handmade Pine Headboard

These photos were taken right after the holiday season so the natural pine wreaths are real and are still up from Christmas! However, I do love the symmetry and the greenery in the room so I will more than likely keep replacing them seasonally with other plants or wreaths. We also built the headboard from Pine Boards! This project was very easy, costed around $80 and was completed in about 4 hours!

Geometric Peel and Stick Wall Paper

This adorable Scott Living Peel and Stick Wallpaper from Lowes was so easy to install! This is a great way to make an accent wall without committing to a paint color or other material. It is also really easy to remove if you make mistakes at installation or if you just want to make a change. The rolls come in many different patterns, I chose this geometric design to add some visual interest. You can find this one and the other patterns at Lowes for $50 each.

Just a Touch of Extra Fluff…

And of course I can’t leave out the most calming and therapeutic thing in my room, my little photo bomber Bud.

What do you think of this bedroom makeover? Let me know in the comments what you loved and what you may have done differently!

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