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STOCK TANK POOLS-The Best We’ve Seen

Who says you need a fancy pool to have a backyard oasis? Not Us! These stock tank pools are the coolest!

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Stock tanks are tanks made of galvanized steel, originally used to water cattle and other animals. It’s no surprise that someone came up with a killer idea to turn these tanks into soaking tubs for those hot summer days and nights. The best part? You can pick one of these babies up at Tractor Supply for around $600.00.

Stock Tank Pool Authority

This beautiful stock tank pool in Texas has got us dreaming about setting up our own stock tank pool! Obviously, the cactus, string lights, and adorable deck pull the whole design together in a perfect way. Margaritas in the tank anyone?

Love, Love, Love! This stock tank pool is so cute! We love the mural on the wall and the Spanish tile that they incorporated into the wall around the tank. What a great way to include something to sit on while you soak your toes!


This one changes colors! Well, not really. Erin Barret repaints her stock tank pool every summer! How cool is that? Not only is this a great way to express your summer vibes, but it’s also necessary maintenance for these pools because of potential rusting. If you have to do the work you may as well make it fun!

Okay, WHAT?! This one looks like so much fun! We love the lights and the awesome waterfall!

This one looks chill! Posted by @farmhousefinatics on Instagram. Gotta love the canopy above and the deck to lay out and catch some rays.

Another painted beauty! Can’t you just see yourself relaxing in this on a Saturday afternoon?

Man, I am jealous that I live in New Hampshire and my summers are short lived and mild… but then again New England is stunning.. hmmm. I’d still do it!

Here is a great website with tons of Q and A questions on stock tank pools!

Which ones are your favorites?!

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